High Rise Removalists

Moving out or into a high rise building is really a tough job. It needs experience, training and equipment to overcome the obstacles of the job. That’s why, high rise removal is an extremely specialised job which cannot be done by any general removal company.
The efficient removal service of GC local moves will help you to move all your belongings in the most convenient way. We use small transport trucks which can avail the underground parking facility and transport furniture quickly. We can also use the first-floor common area to shift without violating the building’s policy.


In Gold Coast and Brisbane, the increasing number of high rise and apartments are boosting the demand for specialised removal services. Find here why hiring a professional and trusted removal company like GC local moves is essential.

  • Specialised transportation
  • Experience in high rise moving
  • Work according to the schedule
  • Flexible working hour
  • Cost-effective
  • Insured and certified service
  • Commitment towards customer satisfaction

Call us today to maximise our efficiency and minimize your cost in high rise removal.